Wife Screaming – Finally Resolved Read how to resolve

March 14, 2017 by: admin

If your wife scream too much on you don,t worry about it. People love to watch fights of others but want peaceful life at home. There are many couples who have lot of problems in their relationship and always looking for benefit.

Husband Point of View

No one know how to stop your wife from screaming on you. It is becoming major problem between the couples that man seek for love whereas he got only screaming of the woman toward him. Many always claim that their woman always fight without having apparent reason. Their thoughts suddenly changed and their views are totally different. Husband always claim about yelling of her wife at him.

Mostly kids claim that her mom loudly screaming to them just because of little things like if their school book is missing. So it turn mom into violent and mom start screaming where is your attention these days. You always never care about your books, bag and sports items.

Husband claim that they are already told her about financial issues and crisis but she still fight because of expenditures. He said that we are husband and wife, so we always need to understand each other no one came to resolve our issues so we can talk calmly and in the respectful way. She always prefer to yelling at me rather than discussion and find out the solution.

Wife Point of View

Wife always claim to spend her life in most difficult situation of the world. She thinks that in this small package of income she is only to manage all the expenditures without any reward. She said that it’s routine to ignore by husband her major requirements. She is also human, she also have dreams but she finished her dreams just because of kids. She thought that her husband did not understand her and did not fulfill her duties toward her.


After daily fights both the partners remain upset. Both need to resolve out the actual problem. Both you need to discuss problems and find out solution of the problem and it is only possible when both set their mind positive and read to sit on.

The best way is to both go out for dinner. If husband cannot afford at all so you can prepare meal and make a family trip. You can select a place where you both can sit for long time alone and then discuss the issue and both make promise to resolve it at any cost. You can only resolve this issue if you have respect and love for each other in your heart and mind. Husband need to shows lot of love for her wife and wife need to show lot of care for husband which you both need.



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