Karandi Salwar kameez Collection 2017

Karandi Salwar kameez is one of favorit stuff of the girls. There are many girls who love to wear the Karandi stuff dress. Stylish Karandi salwar kameez dresses are very famous among the girls. It is fundamental right of the girls that have permission to wear whatever they want to wear. Karandi Salwar Kameez fashion is one of the most searching fashion over the internet. it is normally known as karandi...

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Beautiful Frock Styles

Beautiful Frock styles are basic demand of 2017. Girls always change the trend with their creative toughts. Their demand is basically known in the market by demand. There are many girls who love to watch beautiful frock styles, Pakistani beautiful Frock styles.There are many beautiful frocks which is remain top in the fashion world. one of the frock style is choose by the company and select their colors...

January 15th, 2017 by admin 

HSY Collection 2017

Hassan Shehar Yar Khan is pakistani one of most famous fashion designer. he is always known as latest styles creator.HSY collection is one of favourit topic of the audience. Recenly Pakistan Fashion Week organized by Fashion pakistan Council and Humsitaray in which HSY collection present rocking collection for public. it is consider that HSY present dresses according to traditional element and latest...

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Face Beauty tips in urdu (Honey Tips)

Honey Benefits in urdu, Honey (shahad) is one best food item in the world having thousands of benefits of honey. it is normally seen that honey is one the hot selling item in which lot of benefits are hidden. Behtareen Urdu tips Pakistani urdu honey tips Honey Tips in urdu Honey benefits in urdu shehad k faiday Behtareen Shehad k faiday
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Problem of one way relationship

It is very important to know the feelings of your friend or lover, it is normally seen that you like his/her and didn’t tell him at all. You show too much interest in one person but he did not respond you in the same way. It is known as one way relationship. Is it really like that what you think about him/ her. It is very important to know that the person to whom you like also a gentle and kind person...

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Top Makeup Tips 2017

Women life without makeup is nothing. it is becomes necessity of women life. Makeup belongs to a woman’s confidence and their personality. Woman are mentally never satisfied with their makeup. Makeup belongs to our skin. There are different elements who increase your personality with Makeup. If you are at beginner level and wanted to learn more about fashion and makeup. You need to understand...

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Shocking benefit of Pond Cream

There are lot of people who complain every time about their skin problem. Skin Problem is one of major issue for current generation. Woman around the world suffer from different skin diseases. Specially Pakistani females are problematic skin.  it could be say that rising issue is darks marks and aging skin is top majority issue. It is true that these days things only fine if when it is addresse properly.Problematic...

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Cosmetic Surgery Full Details 2017

Cosmetic Surgery Those who  are worried and think about Cosmetic Surgery operations, may no need to worry anymore. It is considered that United States is biggest place Cosmetic Surgery. There are lot of Hospitals and private business places for surgery which provide full services for professional cosmetic surgery. Almost 14.6 M people around the world always want to look beautiful with the passage...

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are you looking for neck designs?

neck designs are basically pattern to make the neck style for the dress.people are these days searching for neck designs for their professional business and their personal use.neck designs depend on your own choice you can select neck designs and present to your tailor to draw the latest designs on your kameez that might help you lot to have new trend of neck designs. PakistanBridal published to books...

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Mehndi designs 2017 latest collection

Mehndi designs 2017 revealed Mehndi Designs Art henna Mehndi designs latest mehndi designs 2017 Art henna mehndi designs new mehndi designs There are lot of Images Daily up update on our site.pakistanbridal Mehndi designs are The Latest henna site Which Show you All about Bridal.Many of People Suggest on Forums That There Should A site which all About Bride For Them Who need to know about bridal.We...

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