How to remove extra hairs from face permanently

How to remove extra hairs from face.

There are many Procedures through you can resolve this problem. It is becoming one the major problem of the girls. Some of girl have skin, in which hairs grow irregularly. So it becoming one of major issue. Therefore, it is required to address this issue in the proper way. There is famous quote “Every Problem have solution”. We will share best tip here for such girls. There is only one thing you are required to know that every problem related face cannot be resolved permanently.If it is not cleared/finished by tips

There are 2 simple ways to resolve this problem permanently.


  •        Mixture of Gram flour and Water apply on face.
  •        Remove by gently rubbing as mixture feels little dry on face.
  •        Hairs will remove from roots in this way

2.          FORMULA OF SALT

  •       Put Salt in water
  •       Apply this mix water on face with cotton fabric.
  •       Within few weeks hairs will remove


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