Wife Screaming – Finally Resolved Read how to resolve

If your wife scream too much on you don,t worry about it. People love to watch fights of others but want peaceful life at home. There are many couples who have lot of problems in their relationship and always looking for benefit. Husband Point of View No one know how to stop your wife from screaming on you. It is becoming major problem between the couples that man seek for love whereas he got only...

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Face Beauty tips in urdu (Honey Tips)

Honey Benefits in urdu, Honey (shahad) is one best food item in the world having thousands of benefits of honey. it is normally seen that honey is one the hot selling item in which lot of benefits are hidden. Behtareen Urdu tips Pakistani urdu honey tips Honey Tips in urdu Honey benefits in urdu shehad k faiday Behtareen Shehad k faiday
January 13th, 2017 by admin 

Problem of one way relationship

It is very important to know the feelings of your friend or lover, it is normally seen that you like his/her and didn’t tell him at all. You show too much interest in one person but he did not respond you in the same way. It is known as one way relationship. Is it really like that what you think about him/ her. It is very important to know that the person to whom you like also a gentle and kind person...

January 11th, 2017 by admin 

Shocking benefit of Pond Cream

There are lot of people who complain every time about their skin problem. Skin Problem is one of major issue for current generation. Woman around the world suffer from different skin diseases. Specially Pakistani females are problematic skin.  it could be say that rising issue is darks marks and aging skin is top majority issue. It is true that these days things only fine if when it is addresse properly.Problematic...

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Homemade Beauty tips in urdu for beautiful face

Pakistani Professional Makeup artist always share their opinion and view about the latest tips for beauty face. there are many useful tips on the internet for beautiful face. pakistani professional makeup artist write recently amazing tips for beauty face which is shared by their permission. Professional Beautician Neelam Samreen share a amazing tip with Pakistanbridal website. It is known as “Toktay” in...

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Exercise without effort

Exercise without effort Burn Calories instant There are many people love to know about latest exercises and tips to looks beautiful. There are many writers who write a lot about less exercise and more benefits, it is normal desire of human to look perfect and get exercise, it is also observed that Exercise means in our sense is effort and extra time for walk/exercise. It is also accepted that in the...

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Easy Tip for Fair Color in urdu

Most of the girl in Continent Aisa have not fair color. it is common problem in subcontinent that most of the girls always victim of this fair color problem. Therefore many of famous companies brands are famous which always promote the culture to look more beautiful and fair by using the fairness creams. There are many tips and tricks which can be done at home to have perfect skin and fairness. (more…)
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How much Hairs grow up in a year in urdu

Hairs are precious gift of Almighty Allah. We always keen to know how to grow up hairs, it is also interesting to know about the latest information which is unseen till. Same has been found in relate to research conduct in the European Country, A Scientist of Hair Restoration Lab found amazing information regarding survey that speed of hair growth is really interesting factor in the sense of Hair...

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How to remove extra hairs from face permanently

How to remove extra hairs from face. There are many Procedures through you can resolve this problem. It is becoming one the major problem of the girls. Some of girl have skin, in which hairs grow irregularly. So it becoming one of major issue. Therefore, it is required to address this issue in the proper way. There is famous quote “Every Problem have solution”. We will share best tip here for such...

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Reason of depression

  Parents love all children equally, Sometime a kid get more love from parents in comparison with other brothers and sisters. But it is observed that children become victim of depression in young age. A research found that these type of kids which always get extra affection and love. It is also observed that these type of kids.
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